Molly and the Owl is a jazz piece for children it combines a spoken story with an original jazz score.​


Prelude (Molly and the Owl Theme)

Molly's Walk

Twit-Twoo Blues


Molly's lament

Broom-cupboard Bossa

Molly and the Owl Theme



Personnel :  Andra Sparks - narrator

                    Mark Armstrong - trumpet

                    Mike Williams - saxophones

                    Nick Tomalin - piano

                    Dominic Howles - bass

                    Dylan Howe - drums

Nick Tomalin Trio Live at the Cricket Club 15/02/2012

"The chances of a kid hearing jazz toady are pretty minimal, so this attempt to introduce them to it via a children's musical story ought to go straight onto the music curriculum. Credit also due to pianist writer Tomalin for his broad take on jazz, and managing to strike an effective balance between an educational and fun element."  Selwyn Harris   Jazzwise Magazine. ​

Storyline is the second duo album by Nick Tomalin and Mark Allaway. It features standards both old and new and melodic originals.

Available on all digital platforms

Tales of the South

Naming Clouds is the first duo album by Nick Tomalin and ex-Itchy Fingers saxophonist Mark Allaway. The album consists of new arrangements of old standards and some originals.

Available on all digital platforms

Naming Clouds
She's near, she's far
One for Hughie

An album of original material, featuring the great Gareth Lockrane on flutes.

Personnel:  Nick Tomalin - piano

                   Gareth Lockrane - flutes

                   Dominic Howles - bass

                   Matt Fishwick - drums

Available on all digital platforms